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30-Oct-2017 02:12

While the internet opens up a vast source of information for young minds, it also exposes them to inappropriate material and bad influences.

And the best part is you don’t even to put in a lot of effort.It is an organisation that is owned privatly by someone and who has to sell a product or provide a service to make their money.Examples of a public organisation: The police, The Fire service.It is an organisation...:)=smile :( =frowny B) =guy with shades :)) =guy laughing :(( =guy crying : P =sticking tongue out (n) =thumbs down (y) =thumbs up :x =x mouth : D =opening and closing mouth o:) =angel (l) =heart (u) =broken heart (m) =monkey face : It is important for parents to ensure that their offspring grow up to be well balanced adults and if they think their daughter is spending too much time on her computer they should try to correct this.

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If you want parent controlls on face book you gotta make sure the email address is the parents (optional) or go to settings an press privacy you should see the parent control and press it and make sure the parent has a Facebook so every message goes to their email.In America Online, setting the parental controls is done from the account holder's screen name account and is applied to the children's screen names.

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